Tera Cotta Productions

15. nov., 2016

The election of Donald Trump, the @realDonaldTrump of Twitter, has been a shock for many people. In fact, those who are afraid of losing power are those who are the most in shock. Trump is not a real politician and the political class is afraid to see too many things change in the future. And you can be sure there will be changes.

                                 The power is always shared between the same hands since too long. United States are still powerful even if the country lives a crisis. A social crisis. If Mister Trump works first for his country and not for the alliances giving the power to banks, to Wall Street... To the same group of rich people always in control in the western world, changes will happen. Maybe we will live a real "Wind of Change" this time. Go see Media page #Trend to see the video about this subject. And for those who are afraid to lose some power, get used to it. Many changes will happen and with time, a new generation will come to power and will create even more changes.   https://www.facebook.com/iguanamarinacafe/videos/413978428989757/


     Mario Mercier                                        November 15th 2016

24. août, 2016

Even if we already have lots of medias, maybe too much, a new one is born. Tera Cotta Productions Inc. just created an online newspaper and a new talk show.

                       The page #Trend is the online newspaper produced by Tera Cotta Productions Inc. Already online since August the 16th, #Trend is giving informations on news. The subjects treated are not the same that we can see each day in the other medias, The way of treating subjects is also different. " We know that right now it's difficult to have the attention of people for a long period. So we diffuse short news and short videos. This way we can have the attention of our audience long enough to reach the goal," said miss Tera Cotta, the owner of Tera Cotta Productions Inc. This company also produces a new Talk Show. The Iguana Marina Café is a talk show aiming to inform, entertain and create. For the first shows the host will run things alone, supported by comedy sketches. After a couple of episodes, collaborators will join the host. Mario Mercier was named host of the Iguana Marina Café.

                      "Mister Mercier does not have lots of experience as a TV host. He has lots of experience as an actor on stage and as a journalist, in newspapers. If he fails as a host, we will have to hire a real TV personnality to lead the Iguana Marina Café," added miss Tera Cotta. So, the host of the new talk show is under heavy pressure as he prepares to host his first Iguana Marina Café later this week.

                          If you want to see the #Trend page, the online newspaper of Tera Cotta Productions Inc, you can go at :  https://www.facebook.com/iguanamarinacafe/ .


                                                                            August 24th, 2016



2. août, 2016

Watching the news is really depressing. Only sad events. Violence. Terrorism. Propaganda. Politicians trying to have more and more power. Cinema, specially in the United States is a deception. Compared to what it was not so long ago, american cinema is a pale copy. No William Holden appearing on our screens right now. No Elizabeth Taylor...

                          All is done to keep citizens controlled by fear. Medias participate by repeating everything governments and police forces tell them to say, like parrots. We all need to have more fun. We all need to find back some magic. Maybe our society needs new idols, new models. Not those show business proposes us right now. These discouraging pseudo stars we see right now, trying to make music without knowing how to play at least one instrument. With no talent for singing. Maybe we need a new Elvis Presley ! Elvis was a revolution by himself. He knew how to sing. He knew how to play guitar. He knew how to dance. Elvis even knew how to act ! His movies were not great classics but they made the public laugh. Some say that Elvis is still alive. Very old but alive somewhere. Don't believe it. But a new and young Elvis could maybe save this depressive society. We can't certainly not count on the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to entertain citizens in a positive way. Elvis was a real star. Not a discouraging personality like most of the rappers are. I am sure we won't see Kanye West play in an action movie, surrounded by many starlettes, singing new songs. He can't even sing... Imagine a new version of "Girl happy" starring Pitbull or Snoop Dogg. No ! We can't even imagine that. Anyway, right now we can't even imagine a guy being "girl happy" or a girl being "boy happy" so...

                      We really have nothing to inspire us right now. The annoying cooking shows we have on our small screens replacing daytime dramas, are certainly not our source of hope. We don't need more super heroes movies. We don't need more CSI shows. We don't need more reality TV shows. We need more romance on our small and big screens. We need more comedy. We need real stars. Maybe these new stars, positive ones i mean, will come from YouTube... Maybe our new Elvis will come from Internet. Instead of a decadent false star like Justin Bieber, a new Elvis would be like fresh air coming during a heat wave. This society is boring. We need fun ! For America...For all the planet. If we want to make it great again ! With some fun...


   Mario Mercier                                                 August 2, 2016