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12. août, 2017

In this conflict a words until now, between United States and North Korea, we can see that there is possibly a real danger a war. But many factors must be analyzed before panicking.

                           On the american side, President Trump tries to maintain the reputation of his country. The ultra powerful nation, capable of crushing any country who dares to defy them. On the korean side, we must say that Kim Jung Un tries first, to show his citizens that his regime is strong, capable of confronting the powerful amarican country. He succeeds at this strategy until now. But the young dictator he surely capable to understand that if he declares war to USA, this will be the end of his regime. You can bet that Kim Jung Un loves too much being the dictator that he is, to risk losing all this power he has in his hands. He plays with fire just to impress people of North Korea.

                  Donald Trump must also show to the american people, tnat he is solid under pressure, capable of facing a danger of war, like Kenedy in the sixties. Politics is always a game of image and a game of power. Reality and truth are not often present in the many moves politicians make. So, for now, you can be sure that this war of words will stay a war of words. It would be easy for China, to play the role of peacemaker in this story but the hate of the chinese regime towards USA is so strong, that China prefers to show the world that they are against America in this conflict. In fact, China is weak and guided by hate. China is making all they can to show the world that they are a great and powerul nation but in this situation of tension, they refuse to act like a respectable country. The world is waiting for more from China.

     Mario Mercier                                          August, 12th 2017

6. août, 2017

In our modern society, in wich money ($$$) seems to be the priority, what is the place of love ? So many people don't even believe anymore in love. They don't want to be engaged sentimentally and they are sure that love can't last. 

                          The idea of the long lasting love was an invention of the wertern society. This invention looks to have lost lots of believers. Modern couples don't last. Marriages are more rare than ever. People are afraid to get engaged. Even among families, love is often absent. Families are broken by divorce and members of these families are often divided. We can even ask ourselves the question...Like in the famous dance song : "What is love?" When we take time to really look, it seems that people need more to love themselves than to love other people. In a society ruled by work and dollars, the place for love life in a day, is less important than ever. People want love but they don't allow time for it. When you can't even understand that love is the most important thing in life, you are totally wrong. Most of the citizens live like if they think they will live forever. They work as much hours they can in a week, they go to the gym, they do jogging and if they have children, they place them in a kindergarten all week long.

                                   A life without love, is a sad life. Even if you are rich. Even if you possess a luxurious house, a flashy sport car and many credit cards. Most of the people act like if they don't even know what is love. No wonder why we see so much violence in our society. We also see more depressed people than ever. If nothing changes, we are only at the beginning of these consequences appearing because of the attitude of the people, who seem not to care about nothing exept dollars. 


                      Mario Mercier                                    August 6th, 2017



1. août, 2017

Une neuvième baleine noire a été trouvée morte dans les eaux du Golfe du St - Laurent, en début de semaine. Celle - ci a été trouvée sur les rives ouest de Terre Neuve Labrador. Une saison désolante dans le Golfe.

                                   Pour le moment, les autorités semblent croire que les collisions avec des navires de pêcheurs seraient la principale cause de la mort de toutes ces baleines. Les baleines noires sont une espèce rare, même menacée en ce moment. Ce type de baleine ne devrait pas au départ, être présent dans le Golde du St - Laurent. Les perturbations climatiques pourraient avoir amené un plus grand nombre de ces baleines dans les eaux du Golfe. Ces mêmes perturbations pourraient aussi être à l'origine de toutes ces morts de baleines noires cet été. Cela n'est qu'une théorie évidemment mais, il est possible que l'état des eaux soit une des causes de toutes ces disparitions de baleines. Des recherches et des analyses sont déjà entamées, afin de trouver les causes exactes de ces décès. La baleine noire est aussi connue sous le nom de baleine franche. Il est à souhaiter que le reste de la saison estivale se passera mieux dans le Golfe.


   Mario Mercier                                      1er Août 2017

31. juil., 2017

Great Baseball player Tim Raines is now elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was his last chance to be elected after 10 years of eligibility. Tim Raines was one of my heroes when i was a young boy. I loved the Montreal Expos and Raines was surely one of the most spectacular players ever to play for the Expos. 

                                     During the years he played in MLB, Raines had some problems with drug consommation. He admitted it. Because they took steroids during their carrers, Jose Canseco and Barry Bonds for example, are not elected to the Hall of Fame. Bonds is on the ballot list. He has a chance to be elected. But right now we can say that his chances are thin. After the carreer he had, Barry Bonds should have been elected immediatly after he stopped playing. Same thing for Jose Canseco. It seems that players are not judged on the same basis. Even Pete Rose should have his place in MLB Hall of Fame. The past is the past, and many other cheaters have entered the Hall before

                                        Tim Raines deserves to be elected in the Hall of Fame. He was a great hitter. He was a superb base stealer. He gave a great show each time he stepped on the field and he was a favorite of Baseball fans. But all the players should be eveluated on the same level, when times come to select who can enter the MLB Hall of Fame. 


                            Mario Mercier                               July 31st. 2017



29. juil., 2017

Hamburg in Germany is a superb city. Almost 2 millions of citizens. Second most important city in Germany, after Berlin. First harbour of Germany and second in Europe after Rotterdam. A city visited each year by thousands of tourists.

                        But for how long, tourists will be tempted to go visit Hamburg, alongside the North Sea ? Each city hit by terrorists attack loses many tourists after the sad events. On friday, Hamburg was the target of one of these attacks when a man from Arab United Emirates attacked seven persons in and near a shopping mall. One person is dead. Another innocent person killed by a man motivated by hate. At least that is what we know. What we are told. These attacks, if they happen like we learn it, are stupid. How can a man can kill someone he does not even know, just because he hates people from the western world ? How can it be possible to be ready to kill just because you hate a category of people ? We are living in a sick society. A society focused on money and security. A city controlled by rich politicians backed by medias. A certain group of people control the planet,and they are ready to do everything to keep this control Big dollars control the game and the percentage of citizens controlling this game are not ready at all to make a place to those who are poor and who demand a better balance between the wealthy ones and the poors.

                     Meanwhile, Hamburg is still a superb city. But for a while Hamburg will be remembered as a city where terrorists attacked and where there is danger, even to go shopping in a mall.

 Mario Mercier                                 July 29th 2017